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Contact Information

North Suburban Church Softball League

Weather Hotline: 763.691.9064

League Director:

Gabe Gibson
Phone: 651.303.9174
Email: director@nscsl.org

Assistant Director: 

Chris Montbriand
Phone: 651.295.4017
Email: asst.director@nscsl.org

Board of Directors

Dave Burlingame -  Hiawatha Church

Trace Kinley - Grace Roseville Church (Grace YG)


All terms are three (3) years in length and to be served through the end of the year (12.31) in which the term expires.

Voting for the 'term to expire' will take place at the coaches meeting the year before the term expires.

Challengers must be nominated either by another manager or by themselves. A 'second' nomination must be brought forth (by a secodary person) to establish the challenger.

A nominated challenger may respectfully decline a nomination

Board members may not nominate and do not vote. (with the excpetion of a tie in votes)

All expiring positions are voted on at the manager's meeting by current league managers.
A majority is needed to win the expiring terms seat. In the event there is a tie in managers votes, the Board of Directors will cast votes to determine a winner.
Exception: In the event voting is for the League Director position, the Board of directors will not be allowed to vote and the tie must be broken by alternate methods.

If there are no challengers to an expiring term and the current memeber wishes to "renew" thier term, no votes will take place. A verbal majority vote to confirm the seat will take place.

If there is a vacant seat or the expiring incumbant memeber wishes to step down at the time of voting and there is only one challenger a verbal majority vote to confirm the seat will take place.

The Assistant Director is appointed by the League Director and is not a 'stand alone' vote. The Assistant Director position expires with the League Director position.

If the League Director steps down the Assistant Director becomes the "Interim" League Director until expiration of the term.